Anona United Methodist Church
Thursday, March 05, 2015

Military Prayers

Below is a list of our Military Personnel that we need to continually keep in our daily prayers. To add someone to our prayer list please call the church at 595-2581.  You may also contact us via the prayer request on-line and indicate that they are Military Personnel, with name, brief description, and requester.
Requested By / Relationship
 Michael Seery 
 Air Force 
 Parents Tom & Lori Seery 
 Krysta Apodaca 
Marines      Karen Apodaca
 Amanda Pelduz
 Granddaughter of Warren & Patti Meier 
 David Kramer 
 civilian working for the military in Afgahnistan   Son of Gail Kramer
 Glenn Asher  
 US Army
 Casey Sanders
Air Force
 Grandson of Carol Smerker 
 Ian Campbell
 Coast Guard 
 Grandson of Peggy Campbell 
 Cory Cozzi          
MARINES Mother: Teresa Cozzi
 Richard Hauser
 Ava Ciolli
SM Sgt. David Wilson Air Force Helen Wilson's son
Hannah Herron   BJ & Nina Herron
Matthew Fetzer Army Helen Wilson's cousin
Jacqueline McFadden Army  
Kelley Macek Australian Army  
Kelsey Bill US Marines Parents:Dennis and Janice Bill
Matthew Stephenson In training. Parents:Jack and Sharon Stephenson
Deanna Moentman Coast Guard  
Devin Rath    
Lee Schafer Army   
Jacob Davis Coast Guard      Parents: Debbie Davis, Jeff Davis Sister: Jessica, Julia
Kyle King Coast Guard Son of Chris & Teresa King
Jon Shackelford Army  
Taylor Smith Army  
Thomas Weber Marines  
Canaan Bishop Army Nephew of: Jodie Bailey
Brittany Schuler Marines Granddaughter of: Linda and Steve Schuler
Eric Wood Coast Guard  
Jeremy  Beard  in Afghanistan.
Mother: Bonnie Beard
Sgt Ian Lounsbury Jber, Alaska