Anona United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Military Prayers

Below is a list of our Military Personnel that we need to continually keep in our daily prayers. To add someone to our prayer list please call the church at 595-2581.  You may also contact us via the prayer request on-line and indicate that they are Military Personnel, with name, brief description, and requester.
Requested By / Relationship
Michael Seery
At Misawa Air Force Base in Japan
Parents Tom & Lori Seery
Amanda Pelduz
Leaving for tour in Afganhanstan (in intelligence).
Granddaughter of Warren & Patti Meier
 David Kramer
 civilian working for the military in Afgahnistan 
 Son of Gail Kramer
Casey Sanders
In the Air Force stationed in Minot ND
Grandson of Carol Smerker
 Ian Campbell
 Coast Guard 1637 8th St. New Orleans, LA 70115
 Grandson of Peggy Campbell
Captain Craig Beese
It is with great joy and thanksgiving that we welcome home our son, Craig.  He arrived in the US on Thanksgiving eve, after 10 days of travel from Afghanistan.  We greatly appreciate all the prayers and good wishes that sustained us during his deployment.
parents: Gary and Lori Beese
SM Sgt. David Wilson U.S.A.F.     Home and serving in DC area. Helen Wilson's son
SM Sgt. Kristi Wilson U.S.A.F.  Will be working for the Pentagon as a Deputy Chief of the Chief's Group. (wife of David Wilson) Helen Wilson's daughter in law
Matthew Fetzer ARMY    Iraq Helen Wilson's cousin
Heather Flater ARMY    Iraq      Security guard for Commanding General Odierno in Iraq. Helen Wilson's cousin
Kelley Macek In Afghanistan, supporting the Australian Army in Uruzgan province. As a civilian she is still in a dangerous place--but feels safely protected.  
Kelsey Bill Deployed to Djibuti, Africa as an Intel Analysis with the US Marine Corp, Heavy Helicopter Squadron, Unit 366. This is her first deployment and she is scheduled to return in 3-6 months. Parents:Dennis and Janice Bill
Matthew Stephenson In training. Parents:Jack and Sharon Stephenson
Ryan Horton Serving in Afghanistan , Air Force. Joint Terminal Attack Controller. Grand Nephew: Sherry Rankine
Jacob Davis Stationed in USCG Elizabeth City, SC 2012 in A School.
Parents: Debbie Davis, Jeff Davis
Sister: Jessica, Julia
Kyle King Stationed on the USCG Cutter Dallas which is based in Charleston, SC. He will return to the States for a couple of months.  Very happy in his assignment. Son of Chris & Teresa King
Kyle Bethel In the Marine Corps. He cannot say where he is stationed, but has asked for our prayers. He is married with newborn twins. Karen Sherrets, friend of son Dane Sherrets
Canaan Bishop He is in the army stationed at Ft. Bragg, has wife and baby girl in North Carolina.  He is now serving in Iraq. Nephew of: Jodie Bailey
Brittany Schuler Joined the Marines in Nov. Granddaughter of: Linda and Steve Schuler
Jeremy  Beard Leaving for his 3rd tour of duty in Afghanistan. Mother: Bonnie Beard